Spinal implants have been making headlines in the news and new treatments are giving hope to millions of back pain sufferers as well as paralyzed patients. People with some spinal cord injuries now no longer need to think they have a lifelong paralysis. Millions of injured patients may benefit from these implanted electrical devices. Research had always shown that neuron regrowth or replacement with stem cells was the only treatment option. Injured spinal patients are now making milestones by achieving some level of voluntary function even after being told they can never move their legs again.

Spinal implants are not all electrical devices, Implant systems are used to help fusion, fix deformities, and stabilize and/or strengthen the spine. Rods, hooks, screws, cages and plates are all implants used in the spine. Conditions that require fusion surgery include slippage of the spine, chronic degenerative disc disease, fractures, scoliosis and other forms of spinal instability.